Peripheral Vision / Eighties

There are currently two Kowä Axis records in the works. Both explore very different realms and both are equally informed by the surroundings in which they are made. When each new track is added to these records I’ll blog it too.

Peripheral Vision
is the quieter one. Recorded one track at a time at home, generally on a whim, the music is formed within the boundaries that recording on a residential South London road impose upon you. Not being able to rely on sheer volume means I have to think differently. It also opens up new avenues. The track Streamers In The Willow features the sound of my neighbour’s child playing outside and the combined chorus of birds and aircraft.

Two new songs; Clipper and Idyll One were written and recorded over the weekend and both were added to Peripheral Vision album today.

is the loud one. Recorded at volume in an old London library building its theme is the 1980s. It’s a blend of my childhood memories of that period and what I know of it now. The restrictions of only being able to add to Eighties when I have access to the library means that it is very much informed by the mood of the day. Only one track is available, but more will follow soon.

The songs are currently free to download so…fill your boots.


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