New album – Waves – available for free download.

It’s been a white-knuckle ride; this last few days. Can the songs be salvaged? Will it all have been a waste of time? Are these one-off improvisations destined to disappear?

But thanks to some  miracle work from my friend Wayne Pennell, the album has been saved. It’s a little more lo-fi than was originally planned, but the essense is intact. And let’s face it, this was never going to be a pop record.

What it is though is more difficult to decide. Less meandering than the Peripheral Vision material (thus far of course, Peripheral Vision is a record being made one track at a time and could go anywhere), and a damn sight more aggressive – it’s a record that had no foundations until the very second it started being recorded.

The album is in the same order as the songs were recorded. A few beginnings and ends have been tidied up, but that’s all. I did decide to leave in the Adrian Belew tribute on ‘How Can You Laugh?’

The title ‘Waves’ came from the sound and dynamics created by the looping and layering of guitar parts that peppers this record. The more I add, the less accurate it tends to be. Through physics sounds appear that were never planned.

But it’s not all huge distortion territory. Electric Animal,  Wedding Requiem and the title track all contain subtler moments for those who like to relax.

Electric Animal was written as part of Hellp RecordsTen Minute Project‘.

The album is free to download – go for your life!


2 responses to “New album – Waves – available for free download.

  1. listening to Ghost : now i can see what you liked in the pairing Hamilton/Brotzmann 😉

    • Ha ha, calling either an ‘influence’ would be an understatement. Although I’m trying to mix those influences with other things. The really exciting thing about Kowa Axis is that I have no idea what the next recordings will sound like.

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