Subsonic 6 has arrived!

Ok, it’s here. After eleven years the series is complete. Lou Barlow & Rudy Trouve‘s untitled record.

And my first thought is that what I mentioned in the last post about the artistic theme running through the whole series…well, I was talking rubbish.

This one looks really different. In fact the only thing that would give this away as the last in the series is the fact that it has ‘Subsonic 6’ emblazoned on the front (in a different font mind you). However, it’s still a nicely designed sleeve.

There’s no coloured case – which as the one that it came in is a bit cracked makes replacing it easier at least. The coloured case and distinctive design is what helped me spot them in shops in the past, but the fact that there was so much  more info online about this series than there was when I first started collecting it, meant that became less of an issue anyway. At that point I had no idea what any of the other ones in the series were called or even who they were by.

Just listening now. So far it’s very different, but really good too.

More soon.

Also, don’t forget that both Kowä Axis axis records – Waves, and the work-in-progress Peripheral Vision are currently free to download over at bandcamp. Neither of these recordings would exist if it hadn’t have been for the Subsonic series.

The family is finally together.


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