1603 Hillcrest EP released today (written and recorded today too)

Today I saw an old friend, and met new people too.  After a couple of pints with my old schoolfriend James, at the least busy real ale festival I have ever seen, I headed across London and spent some time with a group of slightly older people.

Many of them had children, all of whom were around the same age. It made me wonder if a similar thing will happen with my friends soon. If so, how much will things change? I get the feeling I’ll discover just how selfish I can be. Everyone was so happy and well behaved. It was really refreshing, it also highlighted how little I see my friends who have children. It made me consider how so much of the socialising my group of closest friends does is based around sheer alcohol-based carnage. Having a child might be the healthiest thing we could do.

After eating enough barbecued food to kill a horse, I left early. I’ve been very concious of my lack of musical productivity of late. I had to record something.

And what better reaction to seeing one possible future? Why, a 15 minute drone track of course!

When I got home I switched my amp on and set the recorder off. I wanted to record something pure, clean and immediate. What you can hear now is the first and only bit of guitar I played today.

I wanted to make this an standalone EP, so made the decision to play for 15 minutes. The results  of that 15 minutes are what you hear. It’s going to totally ruin my surprisingly impressive ‘complete plays’ stats on Bandcamp, as I don’t think even the most pretentious noise fan will stream a 15 minute track, but I don’t really care. Kowa Axis has never been about trying to write a hit. It’s simply expression.

It is of course free. I hope you enjoy it.

**Competition time**

The first person to leave a comment with the correct explanation of the new track’s title gets £5 sent to them via paypal.


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